Restorative Practices

Restorative Practice is one of the approaches to behaviour management at St James the Apostle Primary School.

Restorative chats are a way to achieve positive outcomes for learners, staff and the whole school community. Restorative Practice can be used to address a range of incidents, where undesired behaviour results in harming relationships rather than breaking school rules.

Restorative Practices contribute to the Gospel ethos of St James the Apostle Primary School through fostering approaches which promote healthy relationships with a focus on personal responsibility and the reparation of harm in a supportive and caring environment. The Restorative Practices process focuses on helping young people to become more aware of, and personally accountable for, the impact of their behaviour on others and also on themselves. (CEM, 2008).

At St James the Apostle Primary School, we have a set of questions we may ask affected learners after an incident has occurred.

Affective questions

  • What happened?
  • How did it happen?
  • How did you act in this situation?
  • Who do you think was affected?
  • How were they affected?
  • How were you affected?
  • What needs to happen to make things right?
  • If the same situation happens again, how would you behave differently?