Student Absence

We are required to contact you if your child is absent from school without a known reason.

You can notify us of your child’s absence by:

  • calling the Office on 9749 1000; or
  • completing the form below.

You will receive an SMS after 9:30am on the day if we have no explanation for your child’s absence.

If you know your child will be absent from school, please inform their home group teacher at least one day beforehand as well as completing the form below on the day of absence.

Any planned absences of 5 or more days (such as a holiday) must have written permission of the Principal. You will also need to meet with your child’s home group teacher to complete a Personalised Learning Plan.

It is important that children come to school every day. Our school is governed by the MACS Attendance Policy and Absence Guidelines and we use these to determine which absences are approved.