Contacting Staff

You can contact Office, leadership and teaching staff in a variety of ways.

Although you are always welcome to call the School, there are some times when getting in contact can be difficult. Not all staff are available to take calls during the day. The best time to call teachers is during break times or after school.

Contacting Office staff

The best way to contact the Office is by phone: (03) 9749 1000
Otherwise, email info(at)

Contacting the Leadership Team

The best way to contact school leaders is by email:

  • Andrea Richards (Principal): principal(at)
  • Renae Stone (Deputy Principal: Student Wellbeing & Community): rstone(at)
  • Melissa Evgeniadis (Deputy Principal: Learning Diversity): mevgeniadis(at)
  • Michael Polh (RE Leader & Digital Technologies Leader): mpolh(at)
  • Leanne Lourey (Learning and Teaching Leader): llourey(at)
  • Ayesha Albuquerque (Language & Literacy Leader): aalbuquerque(at)
  • Jayden Tracey (Mathematics Leader): jtracey(at)
  • Christie Maloney (Learning Diversity Leader): cmaloney(at)

Contacting Teachers

The best way to contact teachers is by email. Teachers’ email addresses are available through year level communication and newsletters.

Generally, email addresses follow the following format: initiallastname(at)

Please replace (at) with @ when copying these email addresses for use.

Teachers’ onsite hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and 3:30pm (Wednesday & Friday). Staff are not expected to check their email after 5:00pm, but may respond up to 8:00pm weekdays. If there is an urgent need to contact a staff member during the school day, please call the school.

General enquiries

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