Digital Resources

All learners deserve to have access to quality and appropriate digital tools and resources in order to learn, communicate, collaborate and achieve their best.

School Network

St James the Apostle Primary School has a School Network, which can be accessed from all learning spaces. The network is available both wired and wirelessly around the School. All main learning spaces have a number of desktop computers, which are connected to the School Network. There are another thirty PCs in our ICT Lab. Learners also have access to banks of Chromebook and iPad devices to use during learning time, with wireless connectivity to the School Network. Learners in the Middle and Senior Learning Communities are invited to bring their own Chromebook (BYOD).

Through our network, learners have access to a variety of software and multimedia applications and to a library resource centre. Teachers book the ICT Lab when needed, for use in all areas of the curriculum.

Internet Access

All learners have individual access to Google Workspace, including online file storage and e-mail facilities. Our internet is connected to the NBN network, with internet security and filtering provided by MACS.

Student Usage Policy

All students are expected to abide by the Student ICT Usage Policy, which explains learners’ responsibilities when using digital tools at our School.