School Advisory Council

The good work of educating the young, undertaken in the light of the Gospel, is a co-responsible task undertaken by every member of the Catholic school community.

The School Advisory Council provides a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. While the School Advisory Council does not have governance responsibility or decision-making authority, it supports the principal and school leadership and provides an important connection to the parish.

The School Advisory Council’s role supports the overall governance of MACS schools as it is to give consideration to, and advice on, important school matters in order to support the principal and the strategic interest of the school (Working Together in Mission, p. 18).

School Advisory Council members

Name Role
Andrea Richards Principal (ex officio)
Fr Jude Pirotta mssp Custodian of Mission (ex officio)
Renae Stone Staff representative
Joanne Soosai Parent
Rasmi Babu Parent
John Iyizoba Parent
Chris Govic Parent
Nicola De Stefano Parent
Vu Nguyen Parent & parishioner

Important Documents