Central to the education process at St James the Apostle Primary School are our beliefs about contemporary teaching and learning.

At St James the Apostle we believe that contemporary teaching and learning is:

  • Student-centred, enriching learners to develop independence, deep thinking and problem solving skills to function successfully in a dynamic and changing society;
  • Targeted and focussed learning based on ongoing assessment meeting the individual needs of each child;
  • Engaging and interactive, whereby autonomy, individual interests and strengths of the child are fostered to maximise learning;
  • Extended into the wider community by encompassing all community members to play an active role in children’s learning;
  • Flexible, safe and supportive, where children feel valued and successful as learners;
  • Reflective in our learning environment through the use of innovative technologies;
  • Achieved through making learning purposeful, learning intentions explicit, learning experiences open-ended and meaningful;
  • Essential to promote a culture of life-long learners.