Student Wellbeing
In Learning Spaces

At St James the Apostle Primary School, we celebrate positive behaviour choices that lead to positive learning outcomes. 


By having one set of clear expectations across the whole School, the students are reminded that the same expectations apply to everyone – students, staff, parents and visitors.

At St James the Apostle:

  • We are safe
  • We are responsible
  • We are respectful
  • We are learners

At the beginning of each year the expectations are discussed with students so that they are understood by all. This way responsibility for actions can be fostered. Students also engage in lessons that teach the positive and appropriate behaviour choices for each expectation.


Students who make positive behaviour choices are regularly praised or given rewards, including ClassDojo points, free time or special prizes.

Sometimes a student’s behaviour choice is not appropriate. In these situations, a natural or otherwise appropriate consequence might apply. The use of Corporal Punishment is not allowed under any circumstance at St James the Apostle Primary School. Some consequences may include:

  • Time out
  • Restorative chat
  • Carrying out an action that repairs the relationship
  • Repairing an item
  • Cleaning up a space
  • Removal from a learning space

Severe Clause

Some behaviour can be considered serious offences and require following established procedures. Serious offences are defined as students, who through their actions:

  • Seriously transgress our Catholic Schools values of respect and love.
  • Consistently and deliberately fail to comply with any directions given by the principal, teachers or school staff.
  • Are offensive or dangerous to the physical or emotional health of any member of our community.
  • Consistently and deliberately interferes with the educational opportunities of other students.

These actions lead to the severe clause where students are immediately removed from the learning space and sent to Principal / Deputy Principal / Designated Person in Charge.