Walking with the local Church (virtually)

Pilgrimages are well-known to Catholics as journeys of faith and a special part of the tradition of the Church.

The Year 5 Learning Community developed their own pilgrimages as part of their learning about Australian Church history. Through inquiring into the question, How has the Holy Spirit shaped our Great Southern Land?, they had an opportunity to investigate the history of the Catholic Church in Australia and explore how people of God made an impact on our country.

From the deep sacredness and faith shown by First Nations people through their connection with Country, to exploring how Catholic communities fought for their voices to be heard, learners embarked on a journey of discovery. They also had a chance to meet important people of faith on the way.

This learning was all undertaken at home, due to the COVID restrictions in place. Some of the places in learners’ pilgrimages have been made into a Google Earth project.

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