Notching up 100

The Prep Learning Community finally made their century and they delighted in having a party.

It’s always a milestone to get to 100 and our Preps celebrated with a day of joy and laughter.

Balloons and streamers festooned Compostela as the Prep Learning Community reached the big century.

“Getting to 100 days in Prep is a great thing to celebrate,” said principal Andrea Richards. “Every learner has shown great growth in their knowledge of all the basics, but also in themselves as people of God.”

“They should be proud of the leaps and bounds they have made in their learning, and I’m looking forward to watching them grow as they continue to flourish throughout their time at St James.”

As part of the celebration, learners created their own special 100 headwear and wore the t-shirts they made. Each t-shirt had 100 fingers on it, thanks to the handprints of five different learners in Year Prep. Our school community was delighted by their presentation at assembly, where everyone had the chance to see just how far these learners have come since Day 1 of primary school back in February.

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