Engaging head, heart and hands to help Timor-Leste

Throughout October, the Church celebrates World Mission Month. For schools, this culminates on Children’s Mission Day and our school threw a Socktober party!

Socktober is Catholic Mission’s annual fundraising event, inviting children, schools and families from across Australia to kick goals for kids in need.

Our Year 4 Learning Community took charge of our Socktober event day, planning some exciting things for the whole school.

Fiona explained what the Year 4s organised:

In 4 Blu, the activities were a soccer game, a soccer shootout and Broken Windows. Not many people knew how to play Broken Windows, but the rules were simple.

In 4 Marrone, the activities were a soccer game, dodgeball and silent ball.

In 4 Giallo, they did cricket, soccer, and footy.

All the activities went smoothly and everyone said it was delightful.  Everyone had a lot of fun. It was the best experience.

Along with the activities, the Year 4s promoted our crazy sock day for every member of our community to contribute to the work of Catholic Mission. The variety of socks on display was mindboggling! Our school raised over $300 thanks to everyone’s crazy socks.

Socktober 2023 was very fun. We had games of soccer and other ones. The Year 4s were having loads of fun, and all the other grades looked like they were too. We made sock balls for soccer games and some people made AFL balls too! I was hosting a penalty shoot out and I saw the look on the Preps' and (Year) 1s' faces and they looked like they were having the time of their lives. Overall I think it was a win for everyone.


This year, Catholic Mission focussed on their work in Timor-Leste (East Timor). Year 4s learnt about how people in Timor-Leste live and how their contributions to Socktober would benefit these people, our brothers and sisters.

We did a soccer match with a recycled ball.

It was so much fun using the amazing recycled soccer ball. These are the materials for the unbreakable soccer ball that we made: Bags, Tape, Scissors, Cardboard.


“Every year, our Year 4s engage with Socktober as a way of living out their learning in Religious Education,” explained Michael Polh, RE Leader. “Sometimes it’s difficult as a child to recognise that you can actually make a difference to the lives of people around the world through small things. Through exploring the rich tapestry of Catholic Social Teaching, our learners make connections between their active involvement with Socktober and how they can be people of service in the world.”

You can still donate to Catholic Mission via our Socktober fundraising page.

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