Economics and Mission go hand-in-hand

Very soon, our Year 6 Learning Community will open their 2020 Mission Market.

Vice Captain Cooper explains what the Mission Market is:

Mission Market is a day when Year 6 raise money by selling products to students, parents and staff. We have created 11 different types of products to sell such as:

  • plates and mugs,

  • dream catchers,

  • candles,

  • rock photo holders,

  • key chains,

  • cards,

  • plant pots,

  • terrariums,

  • glitter globes,

  • jewellery, and

  • baubles.

There are also extra products we are working on, such as the lucky dip and guessing the toy’s name!

All the money we raise from the Mission Market will go to Caritas and the Young Paulists. The Year 6 learners have been working very hard to produce these items over the past weeks. We hope you enjoy all of our products and we look forward to providing you with many amazing products.

The Mission Market will be open for learners on Thursday 10 December 2020. Parents of our Year 6s will be able to purchase products via a catalogue.

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