Celebrating Catholic Education Week and the beginning of 2022

It was an absolute delight to be able to gather together with Fr Jude as a school community and celebrate some very important events.

On the feast of St Patrick, learners, staff and even some family members joined together as one to thank God for our Catholic schools in Melbourne and ask for his love and protection as we begin a new school year.

Our church was full of learners, delighting in this chance to gather. In particular, we celebrated being able to welcome our Preps for the first time.

Even though Term 1 is nearly over, we wanted to ensure that as many people as possible could be part of this Mass. As it coincided with Catholic Education Week, we took the theme of the week as inspiration for the Mass – The Way of the Gospel.

Our Principal, Mary Abbott, welcomed everyone for this special celebration.

Before our Mass began, she invited everyone to take up the challenge of the way of the Gospel, saying “let us think about how we can live the way of the Gospel, accepting God’s call to be people of strength and gentleness, who reach out to those in need and live in the way Jesus taught us.”

Members of staff proclaimed the Word, with a particular emphasis on Matthew’s account of the Beatitudes – ways that we should live to be like Jesus.

Fr Jude talked more about what the way of the Gospel means for us, especially in the current world, through his homily.


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