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Bringing sons, dads, nephews, uncles and brothers together
Bringing sons, dads, nephews, uncles and brothers together 27 February 2020

The boys and men of our school community gathered for an evening of fun together – our annual Boys Night.

Organised by Luke Moore, and supported by Mary, Renae, Chris and our male staff, Boys Night allows male learners in Years 4 to 6 an opportunity to spend some time with their dads, or other significant male role model. Not only do the learners get to have fun with their peers, but the men have the chance to network, connect and find out more about each other.

Families were involved in a number of sport activities, including basketball, tennis and soccer. While they weren’t competitive activities, lots of our learners and their teachers did whatever they could to win for their team!

After time getting to know each other in these games, families were invited to take part in the annual three-legged race. There were some tumbles on the sprint to the finish, while some dads thought that carrying their sons was the way to win! As pairs were sent packing across the heats, we waited to see the grand final line-up, and they were ready to do what they could to get their names engraved on the Boys Night trophy.

Winning by a long shot was last year’s winners – Jake and his dad, Scott.

To celebrate, everyone shared in a delicious BBQ.

It was great to have so many fathers, uncles and brothers in attendance for a fun evening together.

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