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09 September 2019 Writing inspiration in the form of a festival What do you get when you send ten students to Melbourne's State Library? A place where they house some very old and very valuable books. Now imagine adding two amazing authors. What do you get? A fantastic day filled with laughter and inspiration. This was the day experienced by some of our lucky Year 5 students when they participated in workshops for the Melbourne's Writers Festival on 4 September. What started as a morning trip in on the train, soon became a day where the students were entertained with stories and anecdotes from authors Andrew Daddo and Felice Arena. Andrew Daddo (yes that Andrew Daddo) led the workshop, It's a Pirate Life for Me. Daddo had the students enthralled with stories from his childhood and what inspires him. "He was funny and had good stories, " reported Micah from 5Blue. "He told us stories from when he was younger, like when he loosened the wheel on his brother's bike just before he went in a riding competition." Jett, also from 5 Blue noted, "He told alot of dad jokes and he talked about a character who is like Donald Trump but he wears diapers." He gave the students a sneak peak at his new book, Attituc Van Tasticus, which the students highly recommend. The students then had the privilege to spend some time listening to Felice Arena. Arena is the author of much loved books Specky Magee, Fearless Fredrick and Wish. He shared stories about what inspires him, his writing process and stories from his past. One such story that entertained the crowd were the many different pronunciations his childhood Principal had for his name. He talked about his new book, A Great Escape, discussing the process he went through to create a story set in the past. Maddison from 5 Brown said, "It sounded really interesting. It was about the war and how a child survives." Raquel also from 5 Brown was so engaged with Arena's talk that she went out days later to purchase the book so she could read it straight away. "I read Great Escape and it connects well to events that happened in Germany in World War 2. It gives you an idea of what the people went through." Already the inspiration the students gained from this experience has influenced their writing. Some students feel that they are already including more detail around their characters in their writing, while others are keen to start a Book Club at school and read The Great Escape. Raquel summed up the day perfectly when she said, "It is guaranteed to entertain you and make you think." Read More
26 August 2019 Art Show creativity celebrates God’s creation Through a reading of Genesis, Catholic Tradition teaches us that all of God's creation is good. Our learners celebrated this goodness by creating artworks for our 'Days of Creation' themed Art Show. Every learning community was engaged in developing a different aspect of each of the seven days of creation showcased in this year's Art Show on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 August. This also provided a logical sequence for the Art Show walkthrough. "I definitely feel that learners at St James gained a great appreciation of art by learning about other artists and using them for inspiration, by experimenting with a wide variety of materials and techniques and seeing what is possible by viewing work displayed from all year levels across the school," said Delwyn Castellano, one of the school's visual art teachers. Over the course of the semester, every student creating at least two items for the art show - one two-dimensional and one three-dimensional piece - by worked individually or in groups. Some of these artworks were inspired by ideas from different cultures and indigenous or other famous artists. [gallery link="none" columns="2" size="full" ids="1907,1906,1905,1904"] [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="1908,1910,1909,1911"] Some of the techniques used included collage, printmaking, 3D construction, watercolour painting, air-dried clay, marbling, papier-mâché and puppetry. [gallery columns="2" size="full" link="none" ids="1913,1914,1915"] Visual arts teacher, Jess Naidu, commented that, "It was exciting to see the final display of the huge amount of work that the learners had completed throughout the year. The school was filled with colour and there was a buzz of excitement as students began to journey along the 'Days Of Creation' art show walk. They loved seeing their pieces on display and were very proud and eager to show teachers and their families their artistic achievements." School principal, Mary Abbott, was excited about the way that students engaged in the experience. "It was great to observe them reading about the days of creation and explaining to their parents about what they had done," she said. Read More
15 August 2019 Super readers are superheroes! Boom! Zap! Kaplow! It was superpower central in Hoppers Crossing as students and staff all got into the spirit of this year's CBCA Book Week theme. Each year level at St James the Apostle School learnt a superhero song as part of the much-loved Book Week costume parade, with the Ramones' Spiderman and Aqua's hit Cartoon Hero being performed with gusto. The Year 6 team went even further, dressing as Ghostbusters as part of their performance. Some students and teachers were also keen to create their own superheroes with special reading superpowers, like Double Denim Decoder and the Comprehension Squad. Everyone had a blast, showing off their amazing powers and sharing their love for reading. [foogallery id="1876"] Read More
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