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28 August 2018 Celebrating the 2018 Melbourne Writers Festival Rebecca, Christine, John, Molly, Adriana, Johan, Simran, Barnabas, Liam and Ryan from Year 5 were pretty lucky to head into the city to experience part of the 2018 Melbourne Writers Festival. "Oh no, the train was delayed!" It was five minutes late. Before we boarded our train, an express trained whooshed past. Although the train was a little cramped, we managed to get a seat. We got off at Southern Cross Station and caught another train to Flinders Street Station. When we got there we walked across to Federation Square to the Melbourne Writers Festival. We went into the auditorium where John Dickson showed us a presentation about the history of Australia, and spoke about his book, M is for Mutiny. The book's illustrator, Bern Emmerichs, played us a video of her studio and artwork. She took us to visit the National Gallery of Victoria to see their Australian Indigenous artefacts. Later, we all went to the art studio at the Gallery, where we drew on scratch paper. We created our ideas from pictures, and scratched them on the black paper. Once we finished the scratching we stuck our pictures onto Bern's watercolour scenic paintings. After lunch, we went to an event called 'Books that Changed My Life'. It was an interview led by a boy called Luca. He interviewed Leigh Hobbs, Eliza Henry-Jones and David Astle. Luca asked the authors a range of questions. He was able to find out what books had changed their lives and what had inspired them to write books. After the interview was finished, we went to the bookshop to look at some books. Outside the bookshop, three authors were signing autographs. Simran gave everyone a piece of paper and we all got autographs. After an eventful day, we  caught the train back to Tarneit Station, and waited for our parents to pick us up. We all enjoyed the day, and were glad we had the opportunity to go the Melbourne Writers Festival. Read More
23 August 2018 Avast! The Treasure of Books, Me Hearties! What a week it has been! Book Week at St James has been a celebration of books and literature throughout the school. In every learning space students have been reading the books that were short listed for the Book of the Year award and responding in some truly artistic ways. We have seen decorated birds who resemble a Mopoke, while the Preps have even been learning sign language just like the character in Boy. To fit the Find Your Treasure theme for the year, we have been all treasure hunters. Tuesday saw the school was a sea of colour as teachers and students alike dressing up as their favourite treasure hunters. We had pirates galore roaming the school, while the Year 5 team had their metal detectors looking for their treasure. We even had two leprechauns trying to guard their treasure at the end of the rainbows. A Scavenger Hunt has seen the students searching the school for clues, with each clue being a title of a well loved book. The home group that has the most titles correct will win a special prize. Please keep checking the website over the next week for all photos. [foogallery id="1547"] Read More
16 August 2018 The Very Hungry Math-erpillar MPN 2018 What a spectacular evening! A huge thanks to the 119 families who attended our Maths Party Night this year. With 13 different stations for activities, a sausage sizzle and show bags, there was fun for all ages both at school and back at home! Our theme this year was 'The Very Hungry Math-erpillar.' Teachers incorporated STEM and literacy into each of the activities they created for the evening. On the night, families read picture books with Maths concepts, designed aeroplanes, used SCRATCH for coding, completed problem solving challenges and so many more active games, which enabled all family members involved! It is fair to say that everyone had a great night! Our students were pretty excited about the fun Mathematics they engaged in on the night: "I really liked going in the gym because I got to play with the bee robots and they were funny! I needed to press some directions that the bee could go. When the bee stops it makes a big noise and then you have to press the 'x' button because it deletes your actions. I also liked when we got the magnet things on the board." (Olive, Prep) "My favourite part of the night was making the loopy planes because I like art and craft and it was really fun doing it.  We got to throw our planes and measure how far they went." (Miranda, Yr 1) "Making the planes was fun because you can make your own and it doesn't matter if you make a plane that flies or not. You got to throw it and see how far it went and then we measured how far it went. I also really liked the bee-bot robots because we got to work out some Maths and program the directions the robots go."  (Jonathan, Yr 2)   "I really liked the night because there were new activities and new experiences from previous years. Everything was Maths related and it was fun! One activity I liked was the thinking game with Mr Grimes. It was fun because there was a lot of strategy and you had to think lots to get the answer." (Abook, Yr 5) Congratulations to the students who won the poster competition for each year level! They each received a special 'The Very Hungry Math-erpillar' t-shirt! Families worked on the posters together at home and brought them in for display on the school walls. [foogallery id="1535"] A huge thank you to the staff who put in so much effort to make the activities and night enjoyable for all! Chris and Wayne were spectacular with organising and running the BBQ again this year! Check out the Mathematics page for more Maths updates! Read More
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