Learning & Teaching
Religious Education

St James the Apostle Primary School, as part of St James the Apostle Parish, has the responsibility of developing in each of its members a deep personal commitment to our Catholic faith.

As a Catholic School we provide a learning environment, which affirms all aspects of education and presents a Christian perspective of life centred on Jesus Christ who provides us with a model for Catholic Education by His word, teachings and life.

Catholic schools were founded to proclaim Jesus’ message of God’s love for all. Our Catholic faith calls us to embrace the contemporary world with a Catholic imagination, and a particular hope-filled view of the human person and all of creation. Catholic educators invite students to make sense of their world and their lives within a faith community that is faithful to the mission of Jesus (Catholic Education Melbourne, Horizons of Hope: Context, 2016, p. 9).

Our Religious Education Program is fundamental to all that is taught and learnt at St James the Apostle. It is devised from the Renewed Religious Education Curriculum Framework produced by Catholic Education Melbourne and the ‘To Know, Worship and Love’ texts published by the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Our Religious Education Program is based on the doctrine of the Catholic Church and draws upon the life experiences of the children, their families and the parish community to find its meaning. As such it is fundamental to all that we do and enables us to make responses based on our Catholic beliefs.