Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation – the Seal of the Holy Spirit
On Saturday 2 June, we were joined by Bishop Mark Edwards OMI to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation with our Year 6 students. It was a joyous occasion. Over two masses in the Paulist Centre, members of our parish community and the candidates' loved ones came together to pray that the gifts of the Holy Spirit would be enriched in our Year 6 students. Some of them had a chance to reflect on the day. Lyndsay I spotted my sponsor from a distance. Footsteps got louder and louder. My sponsor grasped my sweaty hand, and I grasped hers. I led her into the sacred holy place. I was seated with my sponsor with a smile on my face. I glanced around the gym, I rubbed my fingers against the fabric of my stole and my metal necklace. I heard an elegant voice, Bishop Mark Edwards, lead us into the holy church, praying for us on this special day. I carried myself back into the gym. An announcement was heard saying the mass was about start. A rush of joy came over me. Mr Polh gave me a sign to get up, so I did. As I turned around, I saw Father Jude smiling at me as I had nearly tripped over the table cloth, that was when I started to feel nervous. I took steps slowly, raising the message stick high in the air. I went back to my seat, relieved that I have done the job well. I saw everyone opening and shutting their mouths, letting out harmonies. I also saw people standing up and sitting down. It was time, the main part of that day. It was the time I would be confirmed. I looked across the room, seeing everyone's fancy suits and gowns. As I got up, a beam of light flashed against me through the window, it was nearly my turn. I saw my sponsor behind me, waiting eagerly. I felt Renae tap my shoulder, my heart started beating heavily with my palms sweating. I took steps towards the bishop steadily. "Be sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit," the bishop said as he rubbed the sign of the cross on my forehead. I let out a loud, "Amen,’" as he put his right hand against my cheek. Nervously, I shook his hand making sure it was a strong shake. As I was on the way to my seat, I saw Leanne standing there, "Congratulations Lyndsay!" I took the certificate. I thought to myself, this certificate will remind me of this day, this very moment. The mass ended a few minutes later. I was proud to be confirmed. Daniel It was my special day, Confirmation. As nervous as I was, I was spirit-filled. My sponsor, my aunty, was right by my side to help me with anything that happened. My parents were even more of a support, getting me ready before and supporting me during the mass. Excited as I was to be confirmed, I was also nervous thinking about all the ways I could mess up talking to the bishop or if he asked me about my saint and I had a total mind blank, but luckily that didn't happen. It all went super smooth. I went up really joyful about to receive the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Alex "Do you renounce Satan and all his works and empty promises?" "I do!" This was the most significant part of the mass, the Confirmation Rite, the renewal of the baptismal promises. I proudly said "I do" to all the promises. I had been waiting two hours for that moment since my family arrived at nine thirty for photos. Yes, that's right - two hours in a suit and tight pants, just for photos! Anyway there was still the laying of the hands and the anointing with the Chrism left to go. Standing, alongside my sponsor, Bishop Mark performed the laying of the hands. He stood there silently with his hands out praying for us. It was almost like I could feel the blessings coming over me. After the laying of the hands, it was time to be anointed. My sponsor and I walked up to Bishop Mark and knelt before him, he then anointed me with the Chrism and I received my certificate of Confirmation. I felt proud and full of joy as I had just received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Teamwork, trust and trials: Year 6 at Camp
Our Year 6 students have returned from Camp with a wealth of knowledge about each other and many stories about their experiences to share. Here are some recounts of this year's Camp, written by some of our Year 6 students. Canoeing The cold breeze was blowing in my face. I felt anxious, as I didn’t want my boat to tip over into the icy, cold water. Jai, the instructor, pushed our canoe into the water and we started to paddle. At first, we had no clue how to move our boat in the direction we wanted to go. It was a struggle to begin with, but before too long we were doing a pretty good job, considering we had never been in a canoe before. A few people fell in the dam because they were rocking their boat and everyone was laughing! They looked so drenched and cold. It was funny watching them try to tip their boat back over. Eventually, we stopped paddling because our arms felt like they were going to fall off. We tried to start paddling again, but we had a massive water fight instead! I got so saturated and all I could taste was the disgusting, dirty dam water. Now I felt like an ice cube! I was so numb and my ears were aching. All I wanted to do was have a nice warm shower! Despite being drenched and cold, I had an amazing experience with the canoeing. (Kavanna B) The Flying Fox “3,2,1 Go!” My stagnant feet didn’t move an inch. I felt dryness in my mouth. My peers were waiting for their turn. Closing my eyes, my feet slowly lifted off the rickety platform. It seemed to me that this would be the beginning of a horrible nightmare! Nature surrounded me, while the galahs and cockatoos cried in the distance. I realised that the flying fox wasn’t so scary. My heart was filled with joy, as I opened my arms while I swept past the bushes.The activity group gazed at me, wondering how I actually went on the flying fox when I had earlier appeared so concerned about my safety. I gradually slowed down to the great tyre wall. I had been on the enjoyable flying fox. I felt relieved and ecstatic as I overcame one of my greatest fears. I knew that when I eventually left camp, I would always be proud of my efforts. But, I still knew that I had one more challenge left to complete, and that was going to be the giant swing! Now that’s a different story… (Lowell B) Canoeing “Wait, no I can’t swim,” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my body was engulfed in water. Honestly, not knowing how to swim was bad enough, but falling into a giant lake was just my luck! All the muddy water was smeared on my face, along with the rest of my body. As I was floating in the water, our instructors, Ash and Ebony, came over in their canoe and helped me to shore. As I emerged from the water, I saw another team fall into the lake. My cheeks filled with laughter! After acknowledging my cheeks were hurting, I went down and tried the canoe once more. My paddle had lots of sand on it, but I thought if I went over to wash it off, my canoe would probably tip. My mind raced furiously as I tried to make a decision. I finally took the risk to wash my paddle. I leaned over whilst my team members screamed, “Nooo!” Nothing happened. I took out my paddle with relief, and I looked into the water. I wondered how deep it was. I put my hand into the water. No end. I put my hand deeper into the water and before I knew it, I face planted into the water. Again! (Grace M) Lady Northcote Lady Northcote, the place where kids go to face their biggest fears or to fulfill their highest aspirations. We arrived excited, ecstatic you could say. The staff greeted us with utter happiness. This was where our journey started. After a quick tour of the campgrounds we went on the Giant Swing, discovering how high Simone’s vocal cords could go, followed quickly by Orienteering. In this activity, we had to navigate our way around the camp to find clues, which, when completed, created a sentence. When we achieved our quest we realised our final destination was THE DRINK TAPS NEAR THE DINING HALL! Our adventure was hard, yet we resulted in victory despite us being on the verge of tears or us drawing short of breath. When we caught sight of our enemies we went into ‘camo’ mode. The next exciting challenge was canoeing. In that canoe, The Renegade, I saw one of the most coincidental scenes of my life. The Titanic sunk. Literally! Instantly I saw Daniel, Ker and Logan plummet into the murky, freezing lake. As we had to ‘raft up’ it happened! Tatiana screamed and Zoe remained speechless. Flinging from side to side, players not knowing where to hit. THIS WAS HUMAN FOOSBALL! My team remained victorious in destroying my opponents (most likely due to me being on the winning team). Alas, I did not score any goals, however others did. It was a struggle to keep in front, because every time one team scored the other would become more vicious. As each team celebrated their conquests you could almost taste the competition. As the last goal was celebrated, we moved onto Initiatives. As the final day drew upon us we left behind Lady Northcote happy with wonderful memories. As a wise person once said “What happens at the activity, stays at the activity”. This rule was almost immediately broken, as we could not contain our enthusiasm and we learned the importance of teamwork and trust. (Susanna T)
‘Dot and the Kangaroo’ turns into ‘Creature’ at the Arts Centre
On Wednesday 9 May, our Year Prep, 1 and 2 students made the trip into the city to see the show Creature at Arts Centre Melbourne. Creature was a retelling of the story Dot and the Kangaroo and incorporated acting, singing, movement and acrobatics to tell the story. After the show, we went over to the Botanical Gardens to have lunch and a play. It was a great day. While the play was a big hit with the students, for many their favourite part was the bus ride. Here are some of the things our Prep students had to say: At our excursion we went on a bus and we watched Dot and The Kangaroo. (Mercy) Yesterday I liked going to the see the play and going on the bus and playing. (Vesna) I liked going on the bus. I liked watching the movies. It was a fun day. (Shemaya) My mum came on the excursion. I loved it and I loved chasing my big brother. We saw acrobats. (Willow) My favourite part was watching the movie and the park. At the park I played. (Zoe) Our Year 2 students were just as excited about the excursion! On our excursion to the Arts Centre we watched a play of Dot and the Kangaroo. It was a good play and people that were acting were swinging on ropes. We then went to play outside and it was fun. My favourite part was when they climbed the fake tree. (Alexander B) The theatre was so amazing!!! The lights were super bright and when Dot was climbing, she was actually climbing ropes that were attached to the ceiling! (There were about three more attached to the ceiling too!). While we were watching, there were prints of what they were doing and it printed on the wall! I loved it! (Lydia S) On the excursion we had to go in the classroom and wait for the other children. Then we waited in the play plaza. I was really excited and I’m sure everybody was! Then we went on the bus, it was a long journey. When we got there we ate some lunch. There were other schools at the Arts Centre too! I had a great day! (Rebecca D)
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