Garden Mural: It’s ready!
Tuesday was the last Visual Art lesson for Year 3 and what an amazing lesson it was. All the panels are now complete and ready for display! They really do look amazing and we can't thank Year 3 enough for their passion and dedication to the task. [foogallery id="1022"] A special thanks needs to be said to not only the students but also to Lara and Wayne. Throughout this whole project they have been the most supportive and patient helpers we could ever ask for. Great work again to all involved!
Socking it to poverty for Catholic Mission
October is designated as World Mission Month, where the Church promotes the importance of Catholics' mission to help the poor, needy and disadvantaged, just as Jesus did. Schools around Australia raise money to support the work of Catholic Mission through Socktober fundraising events. The Year 4 Learning Community recognised the importance of mission when investigating the ways in which people live in the African and South American continents. Having researched the ways in which changes in the environment affect those who live there, the students wanted to be able to make a positive difference to their lives. Throughout October, they learnt about how children in Uganda live, making connections with their newly acquired geographical knowledge. As a learning community, students devised ways to help fundraise for Catholic Mission, based around the Socktober theme. On Wednesday 22 November, the Year 4 students had a Crazy Sock Day, where they came to school wearing crazy socks and engaging in sock-related activities. Everyone was encouraged to make a donation for wearing their crazy socks and staff were also invited to be part of the day. Between sock puppet making, a socktastic movie and a few games of sock-er, everyone had a great time raising awareness of the work done by Catholics throughout then world to help people who are less fortunate than us. With the students' donations and their entries into a super Crazy Sock Day raffle, the Year 4 Learning Community raised $367.65 for Catholic Mission. Although she was recovering from surgery, our principal was so excited that she had to be part of the event via Google Hangout!
Garden Mural: All the Colours!
Our Year 3 students began the painting process to their amazing mural on Tuesday during their Visual Art lesson. We are so blown away with the amount of effort and passion the students have towards this task. The students were given the opportunity to mix colours with the assistance of Jade and make important decisions when it came to colours that would work well together. [foogallery id="973"] Our next step will be adding a few more layers over the top of some areas and including some key details to the plants and flowers to really make them stand out. The Year 3 students are so excited to show the school community and can’t wait to have this displayed in the school garden. Great job Year 3!
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