What’s Happening in Maths?

Term 2, Week 6

Around The Grounds

In Year Prep, learners have been working on measuring the length of items. Tiara said her favourite part of measurement was finding out how many blocks tall she was!

In Year 1, learners have been working on telling time to o’clock and half hour. Ruth in 1 Brown said “when the minute hand is pointing to the 12, I know it will be an o’clock time, for example, 6 o’clock”.

In Year 2, learners are working on addition strategies. John in 2 Yellow said that his favourite addition strategy is ALL OF THEM!

In Year 3, learners are working on shape and angles. Learners have been finding and naming angles around their learning spaces and within shapes. Akot in 3 Blue said his favourite shape is a square!

In Year 4, learners are working on subtraction strategies. Anabelle in 4 Brown said her favourite strategy is the split strategy

In Year 5, learners have survived NAPLAN and are working on location. Joseph in 5 Brown believes an important aspect of mapping is using a key and scale.

In Year 6, learners have finished working on Cartesian planes. Cate in 6 Blue’s favourite part of the unit was the Amazing Race activity, where she learnt how to use a Cartesian plane in a real life situation.

Term 2, Week 2

We are excited to announce the results of the Kangourou de Mathematiques and Computer Algorithmic Thinking Competitions. Each of the competitions took place at the end of Term 1 with learners from all around the globe competing. We had a number of outstanding results with the most notable being Dulain, who achieved Distinctions in each of the contests and Ninad who achieved a Distinction in the Kangourou competition.

Well done to all of the students who participated!

Term 1, Week 10

APSMO Maths Olympiad / Games & Kangourou Competition

We are excited to have 20 Students from year 5 and 6 taking part in the APSMO Maths Olympiad & Maths Games Days. These events are highly competitive with children from all over Australia and New Zealand taking part in the competitions.

The St James children will work independently to race against the clock to solve five worded problems within the allocated 30 minutes.

We also have 12 highly exceptional mathematicians who have taken part in the Kangourou Maths Competition. This unique event is held across the world and must be completed within the 24 hour period. This competition was developed by two teachers in France based on the Australian Mathematics Competition. The name of the competition (Kangourou) is French for Kangaroo which is to honor the great work of the Australian Mathematics Trust.

We wish these children well in each of the competitions!

Term 1, Week 4

Mathematics is back to its best in 2021!!

Across all year levels, student data from the beginning of the year testing days is being analysed to choose skills and concepts each child needs more work on in the area of place value.

In Year 2, learners are using the place value houses to read and write numbers. The learning community also worked on making numbers with bundling sticks as part of the Year 2 place value unit.

In Year 4, learners are taking part in teacher focus groups to help them read, write and compare duration of time.

In Prep, learners are spending time reading, writing and making numbers. All learners are participating and improving their mathematics skills each day.

Make sure you ask your child what maths they have been involved in so far this year.