Student Wellbeing
On the Playground

Students making positive behaviour choices outside ensure a safe environment for playing and relaxing.


The same expectations that apply in learning spaces also apply outside.

By having one set of clear expectations across the whole School, the students are reminded that the same expectations apply to everyone.

At St James the Apostle:

  • We are safe
  • We are responsible
  • We are respectful
  • We are learners


Consequences are in place for students who display inappropriate minor and major behaviours outside. Appropriate social behaviours are recognised through rewards.

Playground Rewards

Reward Play

Students who have not been sent to the Think Room or received a Time Out on the playground during a specific fortnight are entitled to 10 minutes of extra play at recess on a specified day as a reward for good behaviour.

Playground Consequences

Time Out

If a student displays inappropriate minor behaviours such as:

  • Being out of bounds;
  • Rough play;
  • Inappropriate language;
  • Inappropriate use of equipment or kicking balls on Hard Surface days;
  • Spitting; or
  • Not responding to staff instructions;

the consequence of a period of time out on the playground applies. This time will depend on the age of the student and the severity of the behaviour.

Red Card

If a student displays severely inappropriate behaviours such as

  • Destruction of property (including vandalism);
  • Verbal abuse of a staff member;
  • Leaving the School Grounds;

the consequence of a Red Card applies. When a Red Card is called, the student is sent to the Office to speak to the Principal / Deputy Principal / Designated Person in Charge.