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What came first? The package or the egg?
What came first? The package or the egg? 25 November 2019

Throughout this year, learners in Year 3 have been developing their understanding of how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can be used to solve problems.

This term, learners looked at what it meant to be sustainable and economically friendly. They researched materials and types of packaging, and then used this knowledge to solve a packaging issue.

Year 3s had a look at how big the packaging industry is and then discussed how much waste must come from packaging. They looked at unnecessary packaging, like how some apples can come in a plastic tray and plastic wrapping! The learners spoke about different materials that would be suitable and then how they could be used to pack an egg, representing something fragile, into a package to be delivered safely. A delivery person will not always treat our packages with care. They engaged in a simulation of dropping the package during a delivery (maybe off a truck!) with an egg inside to test their final creation.

Learners had quite a time researching, developing, building and testing their solutions to the packaging problem.

We had to protect the egg using sustainable packaging. We made a cardboard box and put leaves, grass, the egg, newspaper, sticks, feathers and paper waste. Our box was named ‘The Egg Protector 6000’! When we finished it, Becky dropped it from a ladder and our egg didn’t break! It was a success! (Charlotte)

I created a package out of cardboard, masking tape, leaves, grass, paper, paper cups and the egg. I did this because we were to create a package that is sustainable and protective. I succeeded and the egg did not even have a crack in it. (Teagan)

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