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Robotics, coding, science and technology
Robotics, coding, science and technology 08 August 2019

National Science Week takes place from 10 to 18 August. In Year 3, students are being given opportunities to explore the world of coding and robotics.

Over the last week, students in Year 3 have been using Edison robots to learn about coding.

They learnt that the Edison robot has a sensor, which can be used to scan a barcode. These barcodes activate a pre-recorded code. Our excited learners looked at barcodes that kept the robot inside a barrier and also did some sumo wrestling! There was also an exploration into how instructions needed to be specific when writing our own code. Through experimentation, learners discovered  that they needed to adjust the time each action took to get the robot to travel along a road to the finish line, turning at the right point.

Eventually the Year 3 learners will be programming robots to travel along a small model city to participate in a parade that links to their Inquiry topic of celebrations and commemorations.

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