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Project Coin Trail: Success
Project Coin Trail: Success 01 April 2019

Learning about Lent led the Year 3 Learning Community to doing something special for others.

During Lent, Catholics are asked to focus on praying, fasting and almsgiving. Catholics in Australia are called to give to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, which is an example of almsgiving.

Almsgiving is not when you give arms to someone. But it is when you give money or food or things that people need, to others. It is a part of Lent. Project Compassion is a charity that gives money and resources to developing countries. A developing country is a country that has a lot of people but not the resources to help them. (Ella)

Alexander explained that, “In Year 3, we decided to give through Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion. The action we decided to take is to give money to the poor, by raising money and creating a coin trail.”

The experience of learning about the work of Caritas Australia, especially their call to give Lent 100%, showed students that they could make a difference.

“We were able to make an impact to others by raising money. I felt excited to do the coin trail. I felt happy for Year 3 as we came together to help others,” said Tiana.

Through doing the coin trail, the Year 3 Learning Community raised $318 on their own, with 3 Blue raising $94, 3 Yellow collecting $120 and 3 Brown raised $104.

To show the importance of how giving of ourselves to others is an important way to become a better person during Lent, the Year 3 Team, Mary and Michael decided to match the home group with the most raised. The addition of this extra money brought the total raised by the Year 3 Learning Community to $438.

“It’s important to be the face of Jesus to all, especially during Lent,” explained the Principal, Mary Abbott. “We’re proud of these children for the work they have put in, not just in raising this money for Caritas, but for inquiring into how we can help others through the work of our Catholic aid organisations who always give 100%”

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