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Market sellout a complete success
Market sellout a complete success 16 December 2019

We are all called to be people of mission, and our Year 6 students have put that into practice in holding the annual Mission Market.

Throughout Term 4, students worked in teams to plan business cases, develop prototypes and estimate cashflow in order to collect a profit from their market stall. Students and parents from across the school visited the market and commented on the quality and variety of Christmas gifts that were available to purchase.

As well as creating these amazing products in time for Christmas, students held raffles and guessing games for students to enter and provided a Devonshire tea for a gold coin donation.

The Year 6s decided that the profit from the Mission Market would go to the MSSP and Young Paulists, for their work in the Philippines, as well as Caritas Australia for what they do to help people in need both here in Australia and abroad.

This year, the Year 6 students, with your support, were able to deliver a profit of $2167.65

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your gifts!

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