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Here, there, everywhere: Term 4 learning experiences
Here, there, everywhere: Term 4 learning experiences 26 November 2019

Learning doesn’t just happen in learning spaces at school!

A number of our students have been engaging in learning in a variety of places, thanks to the excursions and incursions planned as part of inquiry learning in Term 4.

Year 1 at CERES

This term, our learners went on an excursion to CERES Sustainability Hub. The day included participation in a waste program that focussed on the “Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” philosophy, which was a focus for our inquiry learning last term. This involved looking at the environmental impacts of our current practices and enlightened us on how to overcome them. The learners engaged in a River Walk where they learned about the conservation of trees and wildlife, how to sort through a variety of rubbish types and made their own recycled paper.

Changes in Matter for Year 1

Earlier this term, Year 1s were immersed in learning about Chemical Science by Incursions R Us. This incursion gave our learners an opportunity to observe changes in matter and discuss why these changes took place. During our sessions, we created slime, inflated a balloon, created firework patterns in milk, and some brave learners took part in a water pressure experiment.

Year 4 at Scienceworks and the Planetarium

Year 4s are learning about day and night and the earth’s tilt on its axis. What better place to go stargazing into space than the Planetarium! As we reclined in the best seats in the house (they also tilted, all the way backwards) we experienced a show which explored how the four seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis combined with its orbit around the Sun. We learned how the seasons and length of day vary across the Earth, from the poles to the equator. A special feature of the experience was the amazing night sky, which in the dim darkness was lit up by planets, moons and stars floating by and meteors flashing past. We located many of the constellations visible in our Southern Hemisphere and identified some of the indigenous animals and symbols outlined by connecting the stars. It was awesome. We were left wondering; Will we be able to book a flight to outer space or to our favourite planet in our lifetime?

Year 5 at Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Museum

The Year 5 learning community visited the Melbourne Zoo. We learnt about an animal’s environment and behaviour through the power of observation. This learning can help us to understand how we might help wildlife and fight extinction.

Later in November, the Year 5s went to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. At IMAX, we watched Turtle Odyssey in 3D. We learnt about species conservation, habitat destruction, life cycles and marine biology. The movie taught us about how turtles and other animals need our help to stop pollution and help save the population. At the Museum, we learnt about the earth’s rocks and saw some dinosaur bones and fossils.

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