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A year of math-tacular fun!
A year of math-tacular fun! 16 September 2019

The St James the Apostle Primary School Maths Party Night was another huge success. The theme for 2019 was Maths of the Year and allowed for staff to create fantastic learning opportunities for each month of the year.

There were interactive real world based mathematics activities that saw over 100 families and close to 300 people in attendance. Each family was greeted by the school captains and were given a Maths Party Bag filled with booklets, dice, cards, tangrams and many more goodies. With four Mathematics prize stations available to different year levels parents were encouraged to support their children to problem solve in order to win one of our four STEM prizes.

Our teachers created a variety of engaging activities which looked at the different ways mathematics can be incorporated into the different areas of the curriculum. Did you know that making and flying a paper plane involves measurement and symmetry? The students did when they got the opportunity to make, fly and measure the length their paper plane traveled. Families got to test their fractions knowledge when making pizzas in the kitchen. Not only were they correct, they were also yummy. There was story-time, exploring the different mathematical concepts in The Door Bell Rang by Pat Hutchins and At The Beach by Roland Harvey.

Here is what some of the students thought about the activities:

“I liked making the pizza because you got to make your own.” Maddison Year 1

“I like the pizza because I could share it with my family.” Sophie Year 1

“I thought the coding was the best part. It was fun drawing things with the Edison Robots.” Juanita Year 3

“I thought the coding was great because you could use Edison Robots and BeeBots to play different games.” Awer Year 3

“I found it fun how there were different activities like music with patterns and downball where we had to move the lines to make different shapes. “ Blenn Year 6

The poster competition leading up to the night was a huge success as well. There were 60 entries from families displaying a variety of interpretations of our theme ‘Maths of the Year’.

A big thank you to Zoos Victoria and Museums Victoria who kindly donated some of the prizes for the night. Winners will be announced at this week’s assembly. Also keep an eye out for the local newspaper The Star Weekly where there is a fantastic picture and article about our Maths Night.

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