Learning & Teaching
Using ICON

ICON provides Catholic schools across Victoria a common platform for administration, reporting, and learning and teaching.


Use your ICON number (UPN) or registered email address to login.

Community Portal rollout

We are in the 2020 Phase of our Community Portal rollout.

In 2020, you are able to:

  • Update your details
  • View your child’s daily timetable (including curriculum focus days and teachers)
  • View a list of your child’s absences
  • View your current account balance
  • View and download school documents, including semester reports
  • Make bookings for SSG meetings
  • Make bookings for assessment sessions

The next Phase will roll out in 2021. This will enable you to:

  • Give consent for excursions
  • Make bookings for parent/teacher chats and interviews
  • RSVP to school events
  • View fee statements


ePortal help

Reset a password

If you forget your password, you are able to reset it via ePortal. Instructions are available via the ICON Support Site.

If you cannot reset your own password, please email icon@sjhcn.catholic.edu.au with your request.

Changing your details

Use the My Details tab in ePortal to change your password or security questions. Instructions are available via the ICON Support Site.

How to change ePortal details


Community Portal help

How to access Community Portal


How to book an assessment session

How to amend your details


How to access semester reports


Known issues

The following issues are known (current at 2 December 2020):

  • Unable to log in with a saved password: The system adds extra characters to the password field when logging in and your device will save this ‘password’ instead of your actual password. Edit your device’s saved passwords for the website with the actual password.
  • Activating an account or resetting a password does not complete properly using a mobile device: Complete this initial step using a different browser and/or device. ePortal will work successfully on any device once the password has been set.
  • Activation or password reset emails do not arrive in some inboxes: Please check your spam/junk folder. There have also been some issues with sending to Yahoo addresses in the past.


Email icon@sjhcn.catholic.edu.au with as much information as possible