Learning & Teaching
Assessment in English

Teachers use a wide variety of tools and samples to assess students’ progress in English.

 Assessment in English covers all aspects of the curriculum, including Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.

System Assessment

The Catholic Education System in Victoria mandates certain English assessments in Years Prep – 2. The tests include:

  • Running Records
  • Concepts about Print (CAP)
  • Letter Identification
  • Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words
  • Record of Oral Language (ROL)

Classroom Assessment

Teachers in all year levels use some of the above tests and assessment tools in their judgement of students’ progress.

Other forms of assessment that are used include:

  • Peters Dictation
  • Clay Word Test
  • Burt Word Test
  • SA Spelling
  • Formal Writing Assessments
  • PAT-R (ACER)
  • On Demand testing
  • Anecdotal notes and records from small group work
  • Notes made in Writing Conferences
  • Student reflections

For further information about Assessment, please contact your child’s home group teacher.